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3 things I know about cellphone apps and the sources of your distractions

Some people are pretty sure of the fact that no cellphones, Wi-Fi or satellite phone make people more productive but, is this actually a fact nowadays? I seriously doubt it. There are so many options when it comes to apps and cellphones, they can actually make you a lot more productive.

1. The use of apps and cellphones can increase your productivity if you ask me

How can I even say this you may ask? Well, let me show you with an example. You use a certain system for keeping track of your inventory but at the moment you are on a business trip. Does this mean your inventory is going to be lost and all that money spent on it lost as well? No! You can still keep track of your inventory by downloading the app to your cellphone.

You see why I actually consider that downloading apps to your cellphone make you a lot smarter?

2. Even though some apps may help, others may affect you

Now, when it comes to apps and your cellphone, you have to set priorities. Unless your line of work happens to involve social media, there is no reason for you to spend all day browsing Facebook, YouTube or twitter during work hours.

These apps actually ARE a source of distraction. This is the reason why some offices have certain websites and apps blocked so that employees can make the most of their day and be as productive as they can be.

So better make sure you only keep the apps that actually help you in being a better person professionally and leave the social media apps aside at least during work hours.

3. Whatever app you may install, you need to take breaks from apps and cellphones

Whether you have apps in your cellphone that distract you or that are actually making you more productive, you STILL need a break from them!

So, even if you happen to bump into one of the best apps, or whether you found a great source for satellite phone rental, you still need to take a break from life and apps.



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