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3D Mapping Allows Hikers to Plot Countryside Walks Better

Hikers should now have a much easier time getting their walks through the beautiful UK countryside plotted, thanks to a new mapping software in 3D.

Some of the most dramatic and picturesque landscapes in the country are now being brought to life on computer monitors, smartphones and tablets through a program called the Ordnance Survey or OS. The program is designed to offer not just a three-dimensional representation of landscapes, but also aerial views of glens, lakes, lochs, and mountain peaks.

The tool is designed to be immersive which makes it possible for the walkers to get their routes plotted not only to know where they are going to but at the same time, get them be aware of the possible hazards that the might be faced with along the way. For instance, the map includes such details as crags and cliffs. Users are also able to get their plans shared with the database. At the same time, they can also choose to search for already created plans that the rest of the 950,000 users of the database have already crafted out.

This makes it the perfect tool for people that are thinking of biking, hiking, or climbing all over the country. It makes it possible for users to get their trips to the countryside planned in accordance with their experience and their skills. More importantly, it allows the user to get their routes seen clearly ahead of time which should help people to be more inspired to go outside more and enjoy the outdoors more. This is also a good way of ensuring that they can keep themselves safe.

It also comes with an aerial 3D view. This is designed to complement the features of standard OS maps that have since been a staple among hikers and walkers for many decades now. The new software also makes it possible for a varied perspective on the countryside, hills, and the coastlines in the country. Users are even allowed to get their viewpoints zoomed in and out and even rotated. The images supplied are also able to provide some very pleasing and picturesque views of some of the favourite landmarks in the UK such as Arthur’s Seat and Snowdon.

An accessibility layer is also expected to be added to the new maps, which allows users of wheelchairs to assess their routes. This is also a huge help for parents that need to carry prams around to make sure that they are able to find the best route without having to deal with unnecessary hindrances.

More and more people rely on things being digital in the digital age. Gone were those days when people have to rely solely on paper maps as three-dimensional ones with interactive features are being made available to users everywhere. It is to be expected that ore developments will be heaped on the technology to make it even more advanced than it is now. Learn more about the latest technologies in 3D mapping by reading about Hassan Sadiq Himex online.




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