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Buy High Quality Dedicated Proxies at Cheap Prices

If you are looking for a high anonymity Buy USA proxy to allow you to surf in private and protect your identity online then we will be the solution.

You can expect quality Shared proxies and Virtual Private Networks for anonymity and security on the Internet. Your IP will be concealed from people and websites who should geographically find your city, country and real ONLINE SITES Provider information.


Shared  IP addresses

Shared Ip is a distinctive Internet address Shareexclusively to an individual user account. Buy us proxy, Nobody else stocks your Ip with you. All of the proxies are private, High private HTTP/HTTPS proxies support both HTTP and HTTPS process.

All of the Networks use encryption and support protocols. You have the probability to choose your IPs locations in the order time. Powerful connections you can expect 1000 gigabit contacts and we promise that the proxies are prepared for procedure 24/7.

Powerful and Scalable

All our proxies are anonymous, support both HTTP and HTTPS protocol and require authentication to allow them to be utilized only by you with unlimited bandwidth on 1Gbps and ready for procedure 24/7/365.

Friendly and Rapid Support

Fast solution impulse time, knowledge base, how to videos and telephone support for quality value orders. We’ve it all and can supply the best customer support experience 24/7/365 with fast impulse time.

Secure and Reliable

Enjoy the complete security and stop websites you visit targeting you with manipulative prices and communications. We use the latest in firewall technology to keep the private proxy experience private and secure.

Green, Save the Planet

We have machines in America that operate on purchased blowing wind power. We intend to increase our green energy attempts by adding machines that work with solar technology.

Advantages of Using Username and Password Authentication

First advantage that crosses my mind would be that the format is very familiar to every internet user. Everyone use the account concept on his email or social media account. So if you are a beginner and you are not so familiar with the proxy, this authentication method won’t be a pain in the ass.

Another advantage is that you have all the control over your proxy access. You can put any username and password you want and also, you can change them anytime.

Using username and password makes accessible your proxies from anywhere.

IP Authentication

This method is not as common as authentication with username and password, but this is not a reason not to use it if you want to. Also, this method is very secure to use, even it is not so common.

If you set up IP authentication, you will only need the IP and Port in your proxy settings. There’s no need of username and password. IP authentication uses the IP address assigned to you by your internet service provider (ISP) to authorize your access to proxies. Once you have a proxy and want to use IP Authentication method, you must whitelist your IP address this means that you can access the proxy only from this address only. If you are using a VPS, you have to whitelist the IP address of the VPS, not your local machine.

So what are you waiting for? Buy USA proxy from us now!



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