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Common Troubles You Face with your Printer and their Solutions

Despite getting hassle-free printing experience, you can’t predict when your printer malfunctions! There could be several reasons why your printer stops functioning at a sudden, which you can figure out quickly.

Even though if you purchase a renowned brand printer that offers you complete reliability, you may face some issues that could be pretty annoying at times. It is necessarily crucial to call the service providers for a solution regarding the problem that you are facing.

Sometimes the issues are minute and hardly require technical assistance. You can go through these common troubles that most of the times occur, and try the following solutions.

Paper Jam

One of the common issues that printer owners face is the jamming of paper. The jam of paper inside the printer could be due to several reasons. It can be due to torn papers, loose roll, dust, or improper adjustment of the paper tray.

You should ensure that the paper tray is installed properly with an adequate amount of papers. Moreover, cross-check the papers for any faulty or torn pieces and remove them immediately.  Restart the printer after cleaning the tray and properly insert it into the machine.

Too Light Printouts

The print quality of your printer may sometimes disappoint you. It is a common thing, which can be due to the clogging of the cartridge or the ink is dry. One should ensure that the cartridge of the printer is not dry. If it is dry, you must try to clean the print head of the cartridge with a cloth dipped in warm water or alcohol.

Make sure you rub the cloth gently inside the printer nozzle as well to restart the flow of ink.  Some devices like the canon photocopy machine alert the user when there’s an issue with the cartridge. You can easily check the printer and cartridge once there’s an alert on your device.

Poor Wireless Connectivity

If you are using a wireless printer, then you would certainly be aware regarding the issues with the wireless connectivity. Your printer could show error messages while you are pairing your wireless devices such as Smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The perfect way is to ensure that your device’s visibility is turned on. If you are trying to pair the device for the first time, make sure that the printer isn’t working at that time. If there are still issues in pairing your device, reset the printer to factory settings. Resetting your printer will eventually remove all the previously saved printers, and you would be easily able to pair your new device.

Blank Prints

It is a common issue in which your printer gives blank prints due to the lack of ink. The primary reason for this situation is the emptiness of your cartridge. One can consult service providers to refill the cartridges for hassle-free printing experience. Alternatively, you can replace the old cartridge with the new one to avoid any chance of spilling of the ink.


You can troubleshoot the common issues with their device by considering the solutions mentioned above. If you still face these troubles, it is mandatory to call the service experts immediately.




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