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Dis-Advantages of the smartphones:

Everyone has a smartphone in this world, and the vast majority of these smartphones allow users to connect to the internet and run multiple apps as well as sending texts and making phone calls. About 90% of Americans own a smartphone. And why not? They’re convenient and provide you information, apps, Internet connectivity for web browsing and music. Smartphones make it easy to manage multiple social media accounts and appointment reminders. Smartphones have given us quite a few alternative ways of communicating with each other. But for all they offer in the way of convenience, they also include some notable drawbacks. Which directly affect our lives.

  • Smartphones can be addictive and if we spend too much time on them it can make us socially isolated from society and real world. We should avoid constantly checking it.


  • Excessive use of smartphones badly affects our daily lives. There are certain social circumstances where it is just not acceptable to have a phone. Like checking an incoming text at a dining table would be inappropriate.


  • Smartphones are expensive. You are not paying the monetary cost, but it also includes data charges, network charges, app purchases and the time you are spending on it.


  • One of the main disadvantages of smartphones is the privacy of your data which can be hacked or spied on by any hacker or intelligence agencies.


There is a debate on the safety of smartphones and whether or not they cause health problems. Most  of the smartphones produce radio frequency energy and these can be harmful to human beings. Radio frequency energy depends upon the SAR(specification absorption rate) value. Its is a measure of rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to radio frequency electromagnetic fields. It can also refer to the absorption of other forms of energy by body tissue . SAR limit rate is 1.6 w/kg which is safe for the human health.

Only a few phone manufacturers have these safety measures in their phones such as the Google pixel 2 smartphone the SAR values of Pixel is 0.92W/kg when holding it to our ears, 0.58W/kg when properly worn on our body, and 0.58W/kg when using the WiFi Hotspot function.  Sleep deprivation is associated with heavy cell phone users. You need to rest your body so try not to stay up late at night on your phone. You are interfering with the rest your body needs. Overuse of Smartphone can even damage your eyes. Phones give off HEV light which can damage the retina.




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