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How does mail forwarding via US Online Bargains work?

You can get the advantage of regular and premium mail forwarding services. These services will help you to change our address. If you want to use regular mail forwarding service, you will get a new address to receive your mails. You can use the address for a few months or permanent use. If you want a temporary address, you can use the address provided by US Online Bargains (, On-Line Bargains, LLC) for almost 15 days to 1 years. After initial six months, you can extend the use of address to another six months. Your every mail will be sent to your new address, and you will get coupons to save money.

Premium Mail Forwarding
The premium mail forwarding service requires enrollment for a particular fee that you will pay on the weekly or monthly basis. You can get different packages and enjoy the benefits of priority mails. With premium forwarding services, you can get your mail from multiple locations. You will get a consolidated address for your shipping packages. With the help of priority mail, you can schedule overnight delivery via priority mail. The priority mail will take maximum three days. You can choose shipment frequency between Monday and Saturday. Shipment may weight up to 70 pounds. This service provides your USPS tracking. As per this service, you can automate payments and requests for priority mail PFS-commercial.

Complete Control of Mail
You will get notification of your items through photographs and emails. You can visit online account and easily manage your mailbox. You can request discard, scan or shipment orders. With your mail manager, you can decide the time to ship your products. US Online Bargains reviews show that you can know about your mail content in advance. You can request for a quick scan of your items before getting your services via mail. They will send you a letter about the content of packages.

Consolidate Items in One Mail
To save your money, they can combine your all items in one shipment to save money on shipping. Moreover, you can request repacking of items to save money. The repacking will remove any additional packing and secure your valuable contents. Decrease the weight and size of shipment to save money.
You can request for the discard of your unwanted items. It is a secure and easy method. The 3rd party professionals will shred your mail.

Refund for PFS-Residential
If you want to request a refund for PFS-residential services, you have to provide the order number of your weekly shipment and the reason for asking a refund. For online PFS-residential service, you can be eligible for the online refund request. Your enrollment fee, weekly shipping fee, and delayed shipments are not refundable.

Redirecting or Stopping a Mail
After a deceased relative, the accumulating mail will attract your attention. You can avoid this situation by appointing administrator or executor. A request can be filed to redirect mail and remove the deceased person from the mailing lists of advertisers. If you are sharing your email address with a person and this person is dead now, you can manage mails without any modification in the information.



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