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Mobile App Benefits for Business: why does you need an app?

15 years ago, companies that offered websites creation services to business owners rarely received orders. That was caused due to the fact that everybody shrugged their shoulders saying ‘Why do we need a website? We are loaded with sales now’.

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a business without a website. Companies that took care in advance to create this tool have taken away a lion’s share of customers, while the others are deeply disappointed that they hadn’t managed to get listed among the TOP companies.

Age of mobile technology has come after the Internet revolution. Right now it’s time to use new effective tools that literally broke into our world along with smartphones and other devices devices. It’s all about mobile app development services. Here are the advantages that a mobile application can provide to a business owner.

Sales increase

Profit making is the main goal of any business. And every marketing tool should help in achieving this goal.

Built-in application functions as a loyalty card and sending push notifications will allow you to motivate users for buying goods or services of your company. Moreover, it could instantly inform about numerous promotions and discounts.


Loyalty programs encourage repeat sales. For example, charging bonuses motivates a customer to make several purchases before he could receive a discount. That means that buyer will return to company several times accumulating points, while the business will receive profit and loyal customers.

Customer Acquisition

Offer your site visitors an interesting bonus for installing company application in order to get more clients. Everybody likes bonuses and discounts. And almost everyone has a mobile device. An application helps to launch new interesting marketing activities, thus it is will differ you from the competitors.

Target audience

Nowadays everyone who is somehow connected with business promotion is talking about target audience. The trick of mobile application installing is that it accumulates around itself only the target audience.

If a client downloads and sets an application of a travel agency, then he is highly interested in trips and traveling. Therefore, there is an opportunity to send him push notifications for offer leisure options offering.

Detuning from competitors

Most companies use leaflets, radio advertisements, SMS marketing, websites and social networks for local business promotion. There are barely a dozen applications at AppStore and GoolgePlay that are intended to serve for buyers in a certain city or region. Therefore, mobile applications using will give a stable competitive advantage before the competitors.

For example, if you look through sites of ready-made meals delivery, you could see that it is a real challenge to get rated at TOP of search results. Mobile application will allow you to get ahead of the competitors.

And Google offers this opportunity today.

“Site + App” Bundle

The application allows you to set up a permanent communication channel with your potential customers. Company website is able to attract traffic by means of search engines. Redirecting users from site to mobile application will enable company continue further cooperation with the potential client.

When a client closes the tab with company’s website, he stops interacting with the business. And work with a customer is just beginning when site redirect client to the application.

The very existence of a mobile application does not solve all the business problems. Still, it starts to be a powerful tool of profit increasing with a smart approach.



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