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Real Estate TECHNOLOGY: Compasses $775M play

Hot off the presses, COMPASS REAL ESTATE group aka Urban Compass has secured the single largest Investment into their technology from SOFTBANK INVESTMENTS for $450M bringing the total to $775M per every Business News Source on the planet.

So? What does that have to do with buying and selling houses?

Answer: The game is changing and not a little bit. Then again, you’ve heard all this before, right?

In the 90’s when sent out representatives to the Heartland to pitch that Bill Gates is coming and “YOU GUYS” (meaning Real Estate Agents) need to jump on the train before we are left as road kill in the new technology that is coming.  Gates had other issues that came up and clipped his efforts and was able to secure their spot in the hearts and pocketbooks of agents across the land.

With this came a wave of “BE RELEVANT” websites and it was like a tidal wave of real estate sites. Most of them were road signs that flashed and carried on like a blinking road sign (along the information highway as it were). NONE were relevant, none did much other than accept traffic that was sent there by the faithful.

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What? WE HAVE DONE TECHNOLOGY what is the big deal here?

The big deal is to date we have displays of properties for sale but little in the way of property data that embraces and exceeds MLS, property history, analytics, market trends, investment scenarios – even for homeowners – in real time and the touch of a screen or the button that drives it.  Everyone is an INVESTOR even if they are going to live there – that’s what!

If you think SOFTBANK is investing in $450M in Compasses WEB SITE you’re nuts.  By their own statement this TERCHNOLOGY company is building a platform to provide a complete solution end to end for agents “Compass is building a differentiated, end-to-end tech platform that aggregates across diverse data streams to support agents and homebuyers through the entire process, well beyond the initial home search”

They do this for their IN-HOUSE agents. It is not available for everyone – you must be an URBAN COMPASS agent. That’s what they do and THEY are known to kick ass.

HIT is your opportunity to have all of this now for an affordable price for investors and homeowners alike. It starts with simple search (or Advanced – filtered Search if using MLS properties). It gives the USER all the data about every property from Tax and MLS – reconciles the differences in reporting – and then delivers the TOP OF MARKET (TOM), MARKET AVERAGE (MA) , WHOLSALE (WHSL) AND RENTS (HIGH, LOW AND AVERAGE FOR COMPARABLE FOOTAGE) . If you don’t like any of those it provides the COMPALATOR ™ TO LET THE User look at the sold comps and adjustments and make any change they prefer. Throw in a state of the art ANALYITIC product, a CAM (COMPARATIVE MARKLET ANALYSIS – A REALTOR PRODUCT) and a state of the art REPAIR CALCUALTOR which houses repairs for EVERY LITTLE THING NEEDED TO REPAIR RESIDENTIAL  PROPERTIES© and it all ends with a BUY READY © Contract generator that is fast, furious and fun.

Be truly Relevant – get HIT



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