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SkyTech TK110HW Review, RC Quadcopter & Parts Online

SkyTech TK110HW Review

Aside from rushing drones that is now becoming well-known, another region of drones that is now getting interest is the foldable drones, drone lovers choose it over the fix whole body drone or even from a little drone due to its mobility and its innovative look and style.

One of the latest drones right now in the industry is the SkyTech TK110HW, a RC Quadcopter with foldable hands, as well as the getting skid.

Design and Traveling Functions – the SKYTECH TK110HW is one of the best looking drone yet in the industry, it is light and convenient, excellent foldable style calculating only 36.20 x 36.20 x 8.50 cm, RC Quadcopter is around. 3900 kg only.

Going back again on how to fly RC Quadcopter, as I have said, I did not experience any problems at all executed RC Quadcopter to the transmitter, it all just a simple task. When executed RC Quadcopter to the transmitter, compared with other past drone that we have tried, the TK110HW don’t need any additional or unique actions to combine to the transmitter. Just switch on RC Quadcopter by pushing several a few moments, the LED on the energy key illuminates and blinks, instantly looking for the transmitter patiently awaiting the effective coupling. When the transmitter is turned-on, RC Quadcopter efficiently holds with the transmitter, the LED on the energy key prevents flashing and on a stable method.

Because of the elevation keep method, RC Quadcopter is very simple to fly the one key getting and take-off key also included convenience in flying RC Quadcopter especially for beginners, I examined it and it functions completely. Accidents and lumps is aspect of flying RC QUADCOPTER, it’s an excellent factor that SkyTech TK110HW comes with a built-in getting skid and a no cost propeller guard. There is also a waypoint method, but I wasn’t able to try it out, not fan of it perhaps.

Remote Control – If you want to have the SkyTech TK110, I counsel you to get the WIFI FPV edition (SkyTech TK110HW), variation provides more fun when you are flying RC Quadcopter, and it gives you a parrot’s eye opinion of the planet immediately. This is possible by installing the app that is available both iOS and Android operating system.

SkyTech TK110HW is provided with smartphone/clip owner where you put your smart cellphone operates as a perspective locater. So far the remote device of SkyTech is one of the well-built remote in its cost variety. The positioning of significant key controls is actually available, with on / off change on the middle, the LCD display is one the base and with its cutting just below the two joystick. The picture and video key only performs when the cellphone is not on WIFI method once you stimulate the WIFI camera and use your smart cellphone, please take observe that the control buttons on the remote device is impaired.

Video and Images – for the photos, it is only 0.3 MP, so don’t over anticipate on the top quality, see picture example below. If you got the WIFI edition, all the controls for the picture and video is on the smart cellphone app, for it its 720p which is ok, not that amazing it’s ok. If you have the non WIFI FPV edition, please take observe that the control to have video or photos is on the remote device.



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